Sheikh Deniz Tezcan

Sheikh Deniz Tezcan (Abu Hurayra Daniyal b. Kaashif b. Kamal al-Harlimi al-Naqshbandi al-Hanbali), born in Amsterdam (NL), living in Haarlem (NL), is an actively involved Imam, Theologian and consultant to natural and legal persons. He is the author of several books on Islam. On this publication, Deniz writes pieces on Tafsier (exegesis and interpretation of the Noble Quran), publishes his given Khutbahs as well as answers to questions posed by his students and other interested parties.

Sheikh Deniz has spent many years taking intensive private lessons from various imams and Islamic scholars at local and international mosques. During these lessons, he took classes in fiqh, hadith, tafsir and kalam from various scholars in addition to instrumental sciences. Deniz has received oral and written permissions (Idjaza) from various scholars from Istanbul and Cairo to conduct Islamic courses and spread knowledge.

Sheikh Deniz specialises in:

  • Fiqh al-Hanbali wa Fiqh al-Hanafi

  • Islamic finance law

  • Mustalah al-Hadith

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Deniz Tezcan, born in Amsterdam, is an actively involved Imam, Theologian and advisor. Sheikh Deniz is the author of several books on Islam and specializes in Fiqh al-Hanbali and Mustalah al-Hadith.


Deniz Tezcan geboren in Amsterdam, is een actief betrokken Imam, Theoloog en adviseur. Sheikh Deniz is auteur van verschillende boeken over de Islaam en specialiseert zich in Fiqh al-Hanbali en Mustalah al-Hadith.